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George Christlieb, Son of Carl and Catharina Christlieb


George Christlieb's signature.

George Christlieb was the second child born to Carl and Catharina Umberger Christlieb. He was born in Mifflin Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, 29 May 1785. Most assuredly, he was named after his esteemed half-uncle, Georg Bock, who was known in America as George Buck. George Christlieb married Elizabeth North in 1807. He died 6 January 1846, and was buried in Ziegler’s Church graveyard.

The Federal Census of 1810 lists the following among the household of George Christlieb: one male, born 1785-1794 (George); one male, born 1801-1810 (George Jr.); one female, born 1785-1794 (wife, Elizabeth). Residing in the next dwelling is George’s half-uncle and namesake, George Buck (Georg Bock), who is living alone.

In 1815, a survey was made of land owned by George Christlieb in Mifflin Township, Cumberland County.

Preserved in among the holdings of the Cumberland County Historical Society is a military document dated 15 June 1824 in which the 39-year-old George Christlieb appears as Battalion Captain, 23rd Regiment. In extremely fragile condition, the document shows that it was folded and carried for an extended period on someone’s person, long enough for wear holes to occur along the folds.

The 1828 Tax List for Mifflin Township, Cumberland County, lists George Christlieb as a farmer.

The 1840 Federal Census shows George Christlip as head of household, with the following: One male, born 1780-1790 (George); one male born 1825-1830 (Jacob N); one female, born 1790-1800 (wife, Elizabeth); two females born 1825-1830 (Elizabeth and Belinda); and one female born 1830-1835 (Hannah). By this time, George and Elizabeth’s elder five children — George Jr., John, Marianne, William, and Elizabeth, whose ages range from 18 to 30 – are no longer a part of their household.

Genealogy research shows over and over how citizens, in the early years of our nation’s history, frequently used the courts to settle their problems, even when it involved members of their immediate family. One such case involved a loan to George Christlieb by his father, Carl Christlieb. Case No 13, August Term, 1836, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.

“A loan of $111 from Friedrich Carl Christlieb II (Carl/Charles) to his son, George, was due for repayment by April 1, 1836, according to documents found in the archives of the Cumberland county Prothonotary Court in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. When the debt was still not paid by summer, the matter was presented to the Cumberland County Court at its August Term. The suit claimed $150 damages. Carl was represented by Attorney William M. Biddle; George was represented by Jacob Wetzel.”

“George Christlieb had acknowledged the validity of the loan claim, but apparently disputed the damage caused by his delaying paying the claim. As a result, three arbitrators were appointed to review the matter. They were William Irvine, Esq., Jason W. Eby, and Dr. John J. Myers. It may recalled that Jason W. Eby’s father, Abraham Eby, was a half-brother to Nancy Singer, who married Jacob Christlieb/Chrislip/Crislip.”

“The arbitration hearing was set for Friday, April 28, 1837, at the house of Robert McFarland, an innkeeper in Carlisle. George Christlieb waived his rights to a copy of the record, as his signature attests. Witnesses at the hearing included Henry D. Daelhausen, Henry Knettle, and Jacob Christlieb for the plaintiff; John Whisler, Isaac Christlieb, and Solomon Christlieb for the defendant.”

“On May 15, 1837, the 57-year-old George Christlieb filed an appeal to the finding of the report of the Arbitrators.”

“Receipts in the archives of the Prothonotary records of the Cumberland County Court show that witnesses expenses were paid later in 1837 with one entry dated September 4, 1838. Isaac and Solomon Christlieb, both witnesses for the defendant, their father, received $1.64½ for appearing at court, including mileage at 3¢ per mile. They traveled 16 miles, one mile less than their brother Jacob.”

“We are reminded that Isaac, witness for the plaintiff, was a tavern owner and twin brother of Jacob, one of the witnesses for the plaintiff. Solomon, who was 42 years old at the time of the lawsuit, was the youngest of Carl and Catharina Christlieb’s children. His wife, Sarah, who was his first cousin, was the youngest child of Jacob and Nancy Christlieb.”

“As the matters drew to a close, the father, Carl Christlieb died on June 27, 1837. His wife, Catharina (Umberger) Christlieb, the mother of the Christlieb sons, died four months later on October 30, 1837. Carl Christlieb’s estate inventory of August 1837 contains no reference to the loan transaction matter or to the money George had earlier owed his father. The unrecorded reasons and personal consequences surrounding the case of Christlieb vs. Christlieb leaves each one to draw his or her own conclusions.” Wendell F. Lauth, Bristolville, Ohio, 2000.

George Christlieb died on 6 January 1846 and was buried in Ziegler’s Church graveyard. Because he died without having made a will, his son William and neighbor Samuel Megaw, petitioned the Orphans Court at Carlisle, requesting that “your Honors to grant them to make sale of the whole or such part of the aforesaid real estate as the court may consider…” The court granted the request.

On January 13th, one week after George’s death, Letters of Administration were issued by his son, William, and neighbor, Samuel Megaw, administrators of the estate. According to the legal instrument, “William Christliep and Samuel Megaw, administrators of all and singular goods, chattels and credits of George Christliep late of Mifflin Township, deceased, do make or cause to be made, a true and perfect Inventory of all and singular the goods , chattels and credits of the said deceased…” that an inventory would made. The Letters of Administration were signed by George Christlieb, Samuel Megaw, Andrew Roberts, and John Comman.

On 27 January 1846, an inventory of the goods and chattels was made. Among the 127 entries were livestock – cattle, horses, sheep, and hogs. Farm equipment – wagons, ladders and sundry tools. Household goods including stoves and pipe, chairs, tables, dressers, corner cupboard, kitchen utensils, cinque (sink), bedsteads and bedding, chairs, a clock, and a looking glass.

An inventory and appraisement of George Christlieb’s estate was recorded at Carlisle on 9 February 1846.

Following the sale of George’s personal estate, his executors petitioned the court to allow them to sell his real estate. On 18 August 1846, the court granted permission for the sale of the real estate, the reason being that “that the personal Estate of intestate is insufficient for the payment of his debts and the maintenance and education of his minor children…”

For whatever reason, the court granted permission for the sale of George Christlieb’s personal estate a second time on 7 September 1847 and again on 14 December 1847.

George’s wife, Elizabeth née North died 25 June 1870 at age 81 years, 19 days. She was buried near her daughter, Mary A. Railing, in St. Mathias Lutheran Church Cemetery at Carlisle Springs. A widow of 24 years, she apparently spent her last years with her daughter at Carlisle Springs, Middlesex Township, in Cumberland County.

“In personal makeup, he was a large, well proportioned man, straight, fair complexion and hair. Roman nose and light or blue eyes and of a pleasant but commanding address. The births of the children of George Christlieb probably occurred between 1809 and 1833." The Christlieb Family, pp. 19-20.

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Children of George Christlieb and Elizabeth North

  • George Christlieb, Jr. (Friedrich Carl Christlieb1, Carl Christlieb2, George Christlieb3) [920], born ca. 1810; married Barbara "Barbary" Clackner in Stark County, Ohio, on 14 August 1841.

  • John Christlieb (Friedrich Carl Christlieb1, Carl Christlieb2, George Christlieb3) [921], born ca. 1812; married 1st Elizabeth Sorrick, Stark County, Ohio; married 2nd, 9 March 1852, Mary Wise of Norton Township, Summit County, Ohio.

  • Mariane (Mary) Christlieb (Friedrich Carl Christlieb1, Carl Christlieb2, George Christlieb3) [921], born 5 October 1813; married William Railing, born 3 June 1815, d. 18 April 1874.

  • William Christlieb (Friedrich Carl Christlieb1, Carl Christlieb2, George Christlieb3) [922], born 9 September 1817; died 15 December 1895, Brown County, Kansas; married 1st, 31 December 1846, Margaret Ann Sipe, born 26 January 1826; died 1 September 1865; married 2nd, Miranda Hoch; married 3rd, 17 July 1890, Fannie Houston.

  • Elizabeth “Eliza” Jane Christlieb (Friedrich Carl Christlieb1, Carl Christlieb2, George Christlieb3) [944], born 27 November 1822; married, ca. 1848, David Snoke.

  • Jacob N. Christlieb (Friedrich Carl Christlieb1, Carl Christlieb2, George Christlieb3) [945], born 5 February 1823, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania; died 1 November 1907, Wheeling West Virginia; married Lizzie Gillingham; born, Wellsville, Ohio, 1855.

  • Belinda Christlieb (Friedrich Carl Christlieb1, Carl Christlieb2, George Christlieb3) [946], born ca. 1825; married, 15 May 1853, Allen County, Indiana, Ephraim Irey.

  • Hannah Rebecca Christlieb (Friedrich Carl Christlieb1, Carl Christlieb2, George Christlieb3) [946], born 21 April 1832; baptized, 6 November 1832, at Ziegler’s Log Church, by the Rev. J. Heilig; died 1912, buried in Centerville Cemetery, Penn Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. Unmarried.

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CCC Coat of Arms

Jacob Christlieb

  b. Germany 1749
  d. Virginia (WV) 1822
  m. Anna "Nancy" Singer

West Virginia Branch

Mary Crislip 1780-1870
  m. David Willett
  m. Arthur Hickman
Elizabeth Crislip 1781-1817
  m. Nicholas Crouse
George Chrislep 1782-1857
  m. Mary Bice
Christianah Crislip 1785-1855
  m. Jesse Reed
Catherine Crislip 1786-1819
  m. Hugh J. O'Connor
Jacob Crislip 1787-1858
  m. Elizabeth Reger
John Chrislip 1789-1865
  m. Margaret Harvey
Nancy Crislip 1790-1877
  m. Jacob Ours
  m. William Turner
William Chrislip 1794-1847
  m. Hannah Ward
Abram Chrislip 1795-1879
  m. Amanda Britton
Margaret Crislip 1797-1855
  m. David Jenkins
Isaac Chrislip 1797-1881
Samuel Chrislip 1800-1889
  m. Eleanor Board
Sarah Crislip 1802-1885
  m. Solomon Christlieb

Carl Christlieb

  b. Germany 1751
  d. Pennsylvania 1837
  m. Catharina Umberger

Pennsylvania Branch

Johannes Christlieb 1782-1858
  m. Agnus Orris
  m. Elizabeth Whistler
  m. Fannie Cable
George Christlip 1785-1846
  m. Elizabeth North
Charles Christlieb 1787-1817
  m. Sarah Kogen
Catharina Christlieb b. ca. 1789
  (Died in infancy)
Isaac Christlieb 1791-1858
  m. Catharina Wise
Jacob Christlieb 1791-1884
  m. Juliana Morritt
Sarah Christlieb 1794-1874
  m. Jacob Kautz
Solomon Christlieb 1797-1850
  m. Sarah Crislip