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Welcome, everyone.  The Christlieb-Chrislip-Crislip Family Association is dedicated to increasing the awareness of its family’s unique heritage, a particular ancestral line whose origin can be traced back to 18th-century Germany to a precise location, date, and hour. Additionally, the family association is dedicated to the gathering and dissemination of information pertaining to the progeny of Friedrich Carl and Anna Catharina Christlieb, patriarch and matriarch of the American Clan.

Yes, the first paragraph from the home page is repeated here as a reminder that one of the goals of the association is to gather and disseminate information relating to the progeny of Friedrich Carl and Anna Catharina Christlieb.

With this idea in mind, we have created a place within the website where we can share stories, pictures, and videos of our members with all visitors to this site.

The Diaries of Sergeant Wayne G. Crislip

This is a most interesting story of how Wayne Crislip's personal diaries from 1942-3 were rescued from trash inside a troop transport plane, kept for 50 years, and then returned to family members. And now, some 72 years later, the Christlieb-Chrislip-Crislip Family Association is proud to present those diaries for everyone to view.

Soon after their discovery by the Association, an article was published in the Vol. XIII, No. 4 issue of Jacob's Ladder, in the Summer of 1996. That article will be reprinted in a coming issue of Jacob's Ladder.

An article, Wayne G. Crislip, ca. March, 1945, from the Akron [Ohio] Beacon Journal can be seen here.

Some of the original correspondence between Vince Torres, who apparently found the diaries, his employer, Frank Hillson, and family member Zelta Crislip-Peck are shown in the Hillson-Torres-Crislip Letters.

After Eldon W. Crislip, Wayne's brother, received the diaries, he wrote an article on the story of the diaries, which was submitted to Ned Crislip for publication in Jacob's Ladder. A copy of the Eldon W. Crislip letter to Ned Crislip, and his original article are shown in this page.

Here are Sergeant Wayne G. Crislip's personal diaries from 1942 and 1943 in their entirety:

Wayne G. Crislip Diary 1

Wayne G. Crislip Diary 2

Wayne G. Crislip was the son of Lovett Crislip and Ethel Stripe; son of William Luther Crislip; son of Martin Luther Crislip and Sarah Ann Chrislip; son of John Chrislip and daughter of William Chrislip; sons of Jacob Christlieb; son of Friedrich Carl Christlieb.

Just a reminder about some of the controls available to you when you look at the diaries... You can use your mouse to click and drag the corners of the pages to turn them. You can move your mouse to point to the left or right center, just outside of the page boundary, and an arrow will pop up, allowing you to click the arrow to turn a page. Additionally, you can use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to turn the pages. There is one zoom level that you can use for better readability. Just click anywhere inside a page to zoom in or out, or you may click on the diagonal arrows in the upper right corner of the window to zoom in or out. When zoomed in, you can click and drag the pages to see all of the pages. When finished viewing the diary, you can use the two buttons in the upper left corner of the page to navigate to the other diary book or back to this page.

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Water Pitcher once belonging to Eleanor Jane (Board) Chrislip

Mary Eleanor Wade-Pirkola (Friedrich Carl Christlieb1, Jacob Christlieb2, Samuel Chrislip3, Harriet Alice Chrislip4, Samuel Wade5, Paul Samuel Wade6, Mary Eleanor Wade7) shared with the folks at the 2017 Family Reunion, a water pitcher once belonging to Eleanor Jane (Board) Chrislip, wife of Samuel Chrislip (Friedrich Carl Christlieb1, Jacob Christlieb2, Samuel Chrislip3). Nancy Ann (Chrislip) White (Friedrich Carl Christlieb1, Jacob Christlieb2, Samuel Chrislip3, Marcellus Reuben Chrislip4, Walter Grant Chrislip5, Nancy Ann Chrislip6) had two water pitchers, and gave one to Mary Eleanor.

Water Pitcher

Water Pitcher Once Belonging To Eleanor Jane (Board) Chrislip

CCC Coat of Arms

Jacob Christlieb

  b. Germany 1749
  d. Virginia (WV) 1822
  m. Anna "Nancy" Singer

West Virginia Branch

Mary Crislip 1780-1870
  m. David Willett
  m. Arthur Hickman
Elizabeth Crislip 1781-1817
  m. Nicholas Crouse
George Chrislep 1782-1857
  m. Mary Bice
Christianah Crislip 1785-1855
  m. Jesse Reed
Catherine Crislip 1786-1819
  m. Hugh J. O'Connor
Jacob Crislip 1787-1858
  m. Elizabeth Reger
John Chrislip 1789-1865
  m. Margaret Harvey
Nancy Crislip 1790-1877
  m. Jacob Ours
  m. William Turner
William Chrislip 1794-1847
  m. Hannah Ward
Abram Chrislip 1795-1879
  m. Amanda Britton
Margaret Crislip 1797-1855
  m. David Jenkins
Isaac Chrislip 1797-1881
Samuel Chrislip 1800-1889
  m. Eleanor Board
Sarah Crislip 1802-1885
  m. Solomon Christlieb

Carl Christlieb

  b. Germany 1751
  d. Pennsylvania 1837
  m. Catharina Umberger

Pennsylvania Branch

Johannes Christlieb 1782-1858
  m. Agnus Orris
  m. Elizabeth Whistler
  m. Fannie Cable
George Christlip 1785-1846
  m. Elizabeth North
Charles Christlieb 1787-1817
  m. Sarah Kogen
Catharina Christlieb b. ca. 1789
  (Died in infancy)
Isaac Christlieb 1791-1858
  m. Catharina Wise
Jacob Christlieb 1791-1884
  m. Juliana Morritt
Sarah Christlieb 1794-1874
  m. Jacob Kautz
Solomon Christlieb 1797-1850
  m. Sarah Crislip